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Bonito with Children

Bonito is a very popular destination for adventurers and nature lovers worldwide, and exactly because of this fame many parents ask us if it is a recommended to bring children to this trip, and the answer is: of course!

With over 50 tours, there are options for every taste, disposition and age. Bonito has one of the best infrastructures for the practice of ecotourism in Brazil, and almost all tours offer facilities to help you with your children. 

Children under 5 years old cannot go in a few tours, like visiting the caves, that are very sought after. In this case we can hire a babysitter to take care of your child in the main area, alternate between both parents or opt for activities that can be done by everybody together.


Here are a few options:

The balnearies are great options for families with children of any age!

Located by the rivers, they are like "clubs" where you can spend the day enjoying the natural swimming pools (some even have small waterfalls), swim alongside the fish, sunbathe, hike, play at will and even have contact with animals. You are free to stay all day long and they have restaurants, courts, life jackets and snorkel for rent, kiosks, hammocks and bathrooms to provide you with fun and comfort. A few options are:

The Balneário Municipal is located near the city, it is the easiest one to arrive. The Balneário do Sol is a bit further away and offer more leisure options like zipline, trampoline and games room.

The Praia da Figueira is calmer for younger children, its waters are warmer and quieter because it is a natural lake. The tour also offers many activities like pedal boat, snorkeling, trampoline, ATV, among others.

Balneário do Sol
Balneário do Sol

Praia da Figueira
Praia da Figueira


Snorkeling in clear water rivers with a support boat

Also called free diving, there is neither need for technique nor to know how to swim. They are the most sought after and charming tours of Bonito!

There are many options very different from each other, and two of them are more ideal for children: the Aquário Natural and the Rio Sucuri. Both have quiet and shallow waters and count with a support boat alongside the whole tour to accomodate the family. The first have a bigger quantity of fish and more abundant underwater life, the second has an impressive crystal clear water, the second clearest in the world!

There is no age restriction, they are recommended for children over 05, but it depends on the child's (and parent's) disposition.


Flutuação no Rio Sucuri
Snorkeling in Rio Sucuri


Aquário Natural
Aquário Natural


Hiking and waterfalls for those with the disposition to bring the kids along

This kind of tour is also a must in Bonito, where you can hike through the riparian forest of the rivers with a few breaks to sightsee and bathe in the waterfalls. A few options are harder, but the Estância Mimosa and the Parque das Cachoeiras are very good for those who want this kind of tour and also want to bring their children. The trails are well built, with wooden decks, and the path doesn't require much effort.

Estância MimosaEstância Mimosa


Parque das Cachoeiras
Parque das Cachoeiras


For the mini adventurers over 6 years of age there are many super safe activities in nature

High ropes: a path along the tops of centenary trees through ropes, percurso realizado pela copa das árvores centenárias em cordas, suspension bridges and super fun obstacles! If the forest is fascinating seen from below, from above it is even more! There are two options in Bonito, the Hotel Cabanas and the Ybirapê.

Arvorismo Cabanas
Cabanas High Ropes


Tubing: an activity created in Brazil where there is only one goal: go down the river sitting or laying in a inflatable tube or float. The path goes through rapids and small waterfalls and is accompanied by monitors. In the quieter areas you can relax and watch the landscape of the river shore, and also swim if you feel like it. The tours offer life jacket and helmet.

Boia-cross Cabanas
Cabanas Tubing


Lobo Guará Bike Adventure: mixing leisure, nature and physical activity, the Lobo Guará offers a delightful bike ride of about 12 km in an easy path. Departures are from the city center and it goes up to the Parque Ecológico do Rio Formoso, where adventurers of any age can pedal through the riparian forest, stop for a bathe in the river and also have the opportunity to plant a tree offered by the tour!

Lobo Guará Bike Adventure
Lobo Guará Bike Adventure


So, how do you like it? These are a few options, talk to one of our travel agents to find out what tours best fit your traveler profile.


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