The Economy of Experience translates itself into feelings of emotion, pleasure, inspiration and satisfaction. Its philosophy is linked to experiencing of the present moment, feeling the breath, the heart beat, the movement and the synergy. Where you can be the actor of your own experience, the protagonist of your dreams in the destiny you chose to dream.

Bonito is the encounter with the full nature, allied to unique experiences, not only for having he most transparent waters of the world in its rivers, waterfalls and caves, but because it puts people face to face with the magic of life.

The city is a true jewel of nature! Rivers with totally crystalline waters, populated by a great variety of fauna and flora, where it is possible to carry out snorkeling or scuba diving, several species of fish and numerous species of plants make up the underwater landscape.

Others form beautiful waterfalls, and as if all the beauty of the rivers in the region were not enough, there are also the caves. These were formed millions of years ago. Some are flooded, totally or partially, adding even more beauty to their richly decorated interiors.

Surprise yourself and rediscover Bonito through the Route, Personalities and Flavors of Bonito, where you can enjoy a tasty Pantanal lunch, dishes with cassava and caiman meat or a traíra without spine.

You will have the opportunity to meet the characters that were part of the history of the place, strolling through the woods and magic waterfalls of the Sinhozinho, or even walking the streets of Bonito, where you will find the artisans who tell stories and teach embroidery.

Bonito is a surprise at every step, but you must allow yourself to dive into the emotions. Inhale and exhale sensations and experiences... On the Inspiration and Expiration Route, you will relax in a themed suite, where you can feel as if you were in a farmhouse like a typical pantaneiro, in addition to being inspired by the local legends and the influence of the Kadiwéu Indians in the local culture.

Another activity of the Experience Tour is the Buraco das Araras. Where you can meet the seedlings nursery of the cerrado, learn the curiosities of the species of the region and even take a seedling home. Drinking a tereré, a typical drink of the region, is part of the on-site experience and a unique opportunity to get to know more about the region's culture.

We understand that direct contact with nature, in addition to a therapy, is as an immediate remedy for everyday stress and fatigue, especially for people living in large urban centers. Here, nature gives a spectacle of beauty and is invigorating.

In Bonito you can breathe better, take a relaxing bath in the waterfalls or have the feeling of flying while snorkeling with the fish, in the Pantanal you can hear birds singing and interact with the local fauna and flora. Savor a different seasoning, learn about a new culture, feel at peace when you hear the sound of the waters falling on the stones, all of these cause extreme sensations of pleasure and comfort, difficult to find in the daily routine.

Come to Bonito because you deserve to have a life experience and come back invigorated knowing that there is a place with unique and absolute particularities in its conservation! Besides being the best ecotourism destination in Brazil, it is a place that enchants and where you can live the economy of experience - Experience it!

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