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How to go from Campo Grande to Bonito?


Bonito is at approximately 300 km from Campo Grande.

For those arriving at the airport in the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul there are a few options:

Shared transportation
Vans and minibuses carry out daily departures from the airport and leave you directly at your lodging location in Bonito. It is the most popular transport because it is generally more economic for people traveling in smaller groups and for those who like to meet other people, besides contributing to the environment using a shared transportation.

There are several regular departure times and the journey takes about 4h30 hours with a stop.

Talk to one of our travel agents to request this service. It is iportant to book in advance, specially in high season such as holidays, and the new year.

Rent a car

At the airport you can also count on car rental companies. In this option you must pick up and return the car at the airport since in Bonito there is no rental service without a driver. You will also use it to go to the tours that are between 6 to 60 km from the city center through dirt roads.

It is also important to book in advance so when you arrive at the airport the car will already be at your disposal. Count on us!

Private transportation
If you want privacy and autonomy with your schedule, there is the option to hire a private transportation. We offer this service with driver in cars, doblos and vans, where you choose the place and time to be picked up, you can make stops according to your will and is also left directly at the lodging location in Bonito or Campo Grande.

Travels daily. The trip lasts at least 6 hours because the bus makes some stops in other cities along the way. The bus station is about 11 km from the airport, you will need to take a taxi there.

From Campo Grande to Bonito by car

The route from Campo Grande to Bonito is a tour on its own! The path is full of endless landscapes such as the Serra de Maracajú and possibilities to see animals of the region, so double your attention and be careful with the speed on the roads. Apart from that the roads are good, pavimented, shallow holes in some stretches and mostly a double-lane road.

There are two most used routes:




Option 1 – Via Sidrolândia - BR 060 – aprox. 290 km

This is the most used route, with the roads in better conditions.

See it in Google Maps

Take BR 060, passing through Sidrolândia and Nioaque until Guia Lopes da Laguna, and then take the MS 382 for 56 km to Bonito.


Option 2 – Via Aquidauana - BR 262 – aprox. 330 km:

This route is more suitable for those who will make stops in the Pantanal from Aquidauana. From there, the route to Bonito or to Miranda. But if this is not your case, this path is worth it to contemplate the landscape, the flora is more lush.

See it in Google Maps

Take BR 262 to Aquidauana, then BR 419 to Guia Lopes da Laguna and finally MS 382 for 56 km to Bonito.


The recommendation is not to use GPS, as many tourists report problems of outdated routes, and end up getting wrong paths and even going through long stretches on dirt roads. Follow these steps and ask for information if necessary.


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