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What to bring for your trip to Bonito and Pantanal

Ready to pack your bags for MS? See what you should bring.

We did a check list with some indispensable items for your trip to Bonito and Pantanal.


To Bonito

- Sneakers or hiking shoes. In several tours such as Lago Azul Cave, High Ropes, Rapel, Lagoa Misteriosa and others it is mandatory the use of sneakers or similar shoe with rubber soles. On the hiking and waterfall tours it is also mandatory to wear non-slip shoes, but be warned that they must be shoes that can get wet as there are several waterfalls to bathe in on the way. It is advisable to use hiking sandals, or if you prefer, the tours offer neoprene boots for rent;
- We advise who will to bring a pair of 3/4 stockings to protect the shins.
- Light and comfortable clothes and bathing suits for activities in nature. It is advisable to bring a backpack to store some belongings during the tours as well;
- A half-season coat, on some nights it may cool down a bit. And if you come in the winter, bring winter clothes.
- Squeeze or a water bottle, the heat is strong and it is important to keep hydrated;
- Camera (at Bonito Way we offer a rental service for underwater cameras, you spend the day with it and then receive a CD with all the photos of your tour!);
- Sunscreen and repellent. Just remember that on snorkeling tours the use of these products is not allowed;
- If you are not a customer of Bradesco, Caixa or Banco do Brasil, bring cash, there are only three banks in the city. But almost all places and tours accept credit cards;
In addition, slippers, cap, bath towel, sunglasses and lots of excitement!

To Pantanal

- Closed shoes (sneakers and/or boots). If you will stay for more than one day, take more than one pair;

- Light and comfortable clothing, preferably tactel pants and long-sleeved blouses. Choose clothes with lighter colors, in addition to the heat the mosquitoes usually like dark colors;

- Winter clothes, especially from May to September, when the temperature falls at night;

- Hat or cap, to protect from the sun;
- Sunscreen and good repellent;
- Long trousers for horseback riding, like jeans;
- Waterproof jacket for wind protection and rain cover;
- Binoculars for the observation of birds and other animals;
In addition, camera, swimwear, slippers, bath towel, sunglasses and lots of excitement!

* It is not necessary to take any vaccines to visit these places.

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