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Horse Riding in Bonito

Cavalgadas em Bonito

Horse riding is a very pleasant way to sightsee, to have contact with nature and experience a new culture. Horse riding also takes you through paths no bike, ATV or car is able to cross. With the innate knowlege of who knows very well where it threads, the horse faces any obstacles: rivers, rocks, swamps, grass.

Here in the Bonito region there are many different options to have this experience. Tours through trails and fields of the farms of the Bodoquena region, with the hills as backdrops, can be combined with another tour or you can even horse ride at night. They are all carried on in small groups and accompanied by experienced monitors who know the region very well.

See the options and click the images to buy your tour online!

Recanto do Peão Horse Riding

This tour is located very close to the city center and offers a charming experience about the life on the field, combining the horse riding with regional customs and stories. The 5 km path goes through the Boiadeira trail, which outlines the city and the countryside. There are night and day tours. A great option is to experience the starry sky or a full moon night! And in the return, the visitor is led to a traditional tereré tasting, pantanal evening snack and specially cooked rice in the ground oven at night, to the sound of a "moda de viola" and listening to stories of the hosts.


Rio da Prata Horse Riding

In the same farm in jardim/MS where the Rio da Prata and Lagoa Misteriosa tours take place, you can horse ride to admire the landscape of the cerrado. The horse riding gives you a great view of the cattle and of the local fauna and flora, the path also goes through dams with caimans and allows for birdwatching. It is ideal n the late afternoon, combined with one of the Recanto Ecológico do Rio da Prata tours.


Estância Mimosa Horse Riding

It is also located where the trails with waterfalls take place in Estância Mimosa, a great combination of tours for a day. The horse riding is carried out through the countryside and offers a great view of the hills with abundant fauna and flora.


Rio Sucuri Horse Riding

This tour is located in the farm where the snorkeling in the Sucuri River tour takes place, one of the clearest waters of the world, also a great combination of tours. The path goes trough landscapes like cattle fields, with denser woods, lakes and hills. In the middle there is a break for resting and a refreshing waterfall bath in the clear waters of the Formoso River, near its spring.


Parque Ecológico Horse Riding

The Parque Ecológico is one of the tours closest to the city and besides the tubing, snorkeling and a lake in the main area to enjoy the day, they offer a great horse ride! The 3 km path through the woods has one bath break in the main river of Bonito and also a great view of the Piúva hill. If you want to horse ride independently from other tours this is a good option, as it is located at only 6 km from the city and you can watch the river.

For those who enjoy horse riding or have never done it before, doing it in Bonito is an incredible tour option. Feel the nature, enjoy the view and experience this regional tradition. Contact our travel agents.


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