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Bonito, the Brazilian Capital of Ecotourism

But after all, what does that mean exactly?

According to EMBRATUR (the Brazilian Tourist Board) "Ecotourism is the tourist activity that uses the natural and cultural heritage in a sustainable manner, incentivating its preservation and seeking to form an environmental conscience through the interpretation of the environment, promoting the well being of the involved population".

And Bonito knows what to do in the matter of natural preservation. To go on any tour, the tourist must purchase the digital Voucher, a sort of "passport", which is exclusively issued by the local tourism agencies, and received by the tours, which must abide by rigorous criteria of environmental impact minimization to welcome tourists.

This management system also works to control and limit the number of visitors at a time in a tour, and also gurantees they are all within the rules of the practice of ecotourism. At the Lago Azul Cave for instance, a hole with room for over 100 people at once, there can never be more than 15 people per group.

All the effort is worth it to preserve our environment.

This is one of the practices that make Bonito known as the Brazilian capital of ecotourism. The city main economic activity is the tourism, it is our commitment to take care of our natural and cultural heritage to continue to offer experiences in nature.

It is the duty of the visitor to respect and enjoy this preserved paradise!

As we heard from a tourist, “I understand, thus, I can admire more!”


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