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Bonito, a perfect place for diving!

A paradise of crystal clear waters, Bonito is a perfect place for scuba diving, for beginners and seasoned divers alike!

There are many diving points of different levels and beauties, with the guarantee of highly qualified professionals.

For beginners, it is possible to have the baptism diving, in which the instructor guides the diver to no deeper than 8 meters. For these tours credentials are not needed, which allows you to experience the wonderful underwater wolrd without being a professional. The minimum age allowed is 10 years old.

And for those interested, it is also possible to take the autonomous diving course in Bonito, both the basic and advanced, as well as the diving instructor course and rescue dive course. They can last 3 or 4 days, include theorical classes and practical classes in Bonito's rivers, equipment and international credentials.

And for autonomous divers, Bonito is one of the best places in the world for its practice in freshwater.

See here the diving points and tours that you can make in Bonito and its surroundings. Click the image for more information and reservations.


Lagoa Misteriosa

The Lagoa Misteriosa is one of the most incredible places many people have dived in. It is located at the bottom of a doline 75 meters deep and its blue water is incredibly clear. The view of both blue abysses, vertical rock walls, fallen trunks, white sand deposits and small fishes that shine with the lights seem like they are out of a fairytale.

Lagoa Misteriosa

This tour offers the baptism and autonomus dive options, besides snorkeling.


Abismo Anhumas

The Abismo Anhumas is the biggest cave in the world open for diving. The tour starts with a rapel down 72 m through a crack in the rock, and down there, a huge clear water lake 80 meters deep, housing galleries and giant stalactites of up to 19 meters high.

Abismo Anhumas

This tour requires credentials for diving. For those who do not have it, there is the option of snorkeling.


Rio Formoso

The Formoso River is characterized by its scenic beauty, consisting of submerged trunks, calcareous formations, a multitude of fish and aquatic plants, and the sensation of being inside a bottle of champagne when passing under the waterfall.

Rio Formoso

On this tour it is possible to perform baptism diving and autonomous diving, and in other parts of the river there are also options for snorkeling and other aquatic activities.


Rio da Prata

The Prata River is impressive with its abundance of underwater life and variety of fish and other animals that can be seen there. The sensation of diving in the blue waters of this river is akin to flying above the river with the fish, feeling a total freedom of movement.

Rio da Prata

On this tour it is possible to perform baptism diving and autonomous diving, and there is also the option of snorkeling, starting at the source of the Olho d'Água River to the Prata River.


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