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5 Reasons to Add the Lagoa Misteriosa to the Top of your Destination List

A doline (gelogical formation resulting from the dissolution and/or the collapse of the ground, forming a big cavity) that reached the water table, which has extremely clear water, and surrounded by trees. That already makes the Lagoa Misteriosa highly coveted by people looking for a itinerary with places of exuberant and singular nature.

But we will be objective and list 5 reasons why you should put it at the top of your wish list!


1) The environment seems to have been created to be beyong charming

First the vision of the blue abyss surrounded by green. Getting into the water you can see the vertical rock walls and the endless depth of the lake. And to add to this scenery, the fallen trunks and the little fish that shine under the light beams reflected in the clear water turn the Lagoa Misteriosa into an unique environment in the world!

Lagoa Misteriosa


2) The water has an impressive visibility

Due to the presence of limestone, the water is highly calcareous, element that sediments impurities, and thus the water is extremely crystalline. Specially in the Lagoa Misteriosa, where the water gushes from the bottom of the lake. The visibility is of up to 60m!

Lagoa Misteriosa Visibilidade


3) You can have the experience of scuba diving even without being a certified professional

There is the modality of baptism diving, in which the tourist wears the equipment and is accompanied by an instructor, being able to dive up to 8 meters deep. There is no need for a certificate nor training. And if you wish, in Bonito it is also possible to take autonomous diving classes with certificate, in 5 days.

But if you don't feel like scuba diving, you can enjoy the Lagoa Misteriosa by snorkeling, and be amazed at the wonderful underwater world.

 Lagoa Misteriosa


 4) You will be envolved in a mistery, and that is very exciting

The lake has its name because nobody knows its depth. Divers have gone down 220m and not yet reached its bottom.

From 6 meters or deeper, caves are considered to be sourced from the water table.

Lagoa Misteriosa


5) Pictures taken of the Lagoa Misteriosa have received international awards to a Brazilian photographer

Márcio Cabral, landscape photography specialist, have received many awards in renowned international contests with images of the Lagoa Misteriosa. Between them, he was the winner of an award considered the "Panoramic pictures and 360º images Olympics".

See the panoramic pictures clicking here!

The tour starts with a hiking trail to watch the rich diversity of the region's fauna and flora, leading to the lookout point, from where you can contemplate the beauty of the vegetation that covers the doline. The access to the lake is through a 179-step stairway, which is equivalent to a 10 store buiding, comfortable and safe. The groups have a limited number of up to 10 people, and they are always accompanied by a local tourist guide, specialized and accredited on the tour.

Contact our travel agents and schedule your trip to Bonito to visit the Lagoa Misteriosa!

Access our contact form to request a quote, or talk to us directly through the number: +55 (67) 3255-1046.


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