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Transportation Pack - To and From 03 days indisponível no momento, mas clique aqui para saber mais detalhes e possibilidades.

Leva e Traz it's simple and provide you to save money in terms of transportations. Buy the "passport" of regular transportation and use it for 03 days to any tour and many times as you need.

Atention: The schedules can be changed according you hotel location. The exposed schedules are based on the output of the Bonito Way Agency.

Passport Leva e Traz
In the passaport you can use the transportation as many times as you need for the days that was contracted!

What's Leva e Traz? It's a solution of transportation to make easy and help you with your travel itinerary. It's easy and give you a better organization and save money.

The Leva e Traz goes to almost every tours and follow a pre determinate schedules.
Beyond the price you have peace if you wish to do more tours you don't need to pay an extra transportation.

Don't need to worry cause you have many options to choose even thought decide at the last minute.

The Leva e Traz include the In and Out from Bonito.

Who works:
You can do a reservation until 1 day before until 2 p.m.

Atention, the Leva e Traz is just transportation, the entrance at the tour needed to acquire separately.

Tours that Leva e Traz go:

  1. Gruta do Lago Azul,  Gruta de São Miguel e Gruta de São Mateus
  2. Porto da Ilha (você pode reservar passeio de Bote, Duck, Balneario, Stand Up, Barco Elétrico)
  3. Balneário do Sol, Ilha Bonita, Refúgio da Barra, Balneário Praia da Figueira, Balneário Municipal
  4. Estância Mimosa, Parque das Cachoeiras, Rio do Peixe, Fazenda Ceita Corê, Boca da Onça Ecotur , Cachoeiras Serra da Bodoquena
  5. Bonito Aventura, Cabanas Aventura, Parque Ecológico Rio Formoso
  6. Aquário Natural, Rio Sucuri, Barra do Sucuri, Nascente Azul, Rio da Prata
  7. Bonito Airport
  8. Central Hotels of Bonito / Center of Bonito / Central Hotels of Bonito for 03 nights (work at 7 p.m. until 9 p.m.)

General Considerations:

* Regular Transportation Schedules from Campo Grande Airport / Hotel Central in Bonito:
Sunday to Friday: 10: 00h, 11: 30h, 14: 30h, 16: 30h, 19: 30h and 22: 30h.
On Saturdays: 10: 00h, 12: 30h, 16: 30h, 19: 30h and 22: 30h.
* Regular Transportation schedules from Hotel Central in Bonito / Campo Grande Airport: 03: 40h, 07: 30h, 10: 00h, 12: 00h, 18: 30h and 21: 00h (Sunday to Sunday).

* The Regular Transportion from Hotel central in Bonito - Campo Grande Airport (if hired) considers as 01 day used in your Leva e Traz package.

CHANGES: Changes will be accepted only 72 hours in advance, noting that any changes requested by the customer will be subject to cancellation policies and availability.

EMBRATUR CANCELLATION RULES Regulatory Deliberation nº 161/95 Embratur Cancellation means the cancellation of the trip and/or contracted services as well as changes of dates, expressed in writing, by letter, fax or e-mail. The cancellation rules will be applied according to the following percentages on the total value of the package (consider business days): 

30 days or more before the Check-in = 30% 

29 to 21 days before Check-in = 60% 

20 to 07 days before Check-in = 60% 

06 days or less = 100% (Retention for administrative costs).

No-show: Non-attendance on the expected date of arrival without prior written communication will be considered a no-show. 

The vacancy will remain available for 24 hours, from the time of the scheduled arrival.

After this period the reservation will be canceled (with retention of 100% of the amount paid), making the vacancy available to another interested party. THERE WILL BE NO REIMBURSEMENT.

Withdrawal after the check-in: The withdrawal, as well as the early departure for any reason SHALL NOT GIVE RIGHT TO ANY TYPE OF REFUND, REIMBURSEMENT OR CREDIT ON ANOTHER HOTEL, resulting in the total loss of the amount paid for the package or day.

Entrance to the tour is not included, only the transportation from the hotel to the tour.

It can be done in car ride, doblo (or similar), Van, micro or bus with air conditioning. (depending on the amount of people).

The shared transportation works on the urban perimeter of Bonito MS. It won't pick you up at the most far away hotels (Hotel Fazenda Rio Formoso, Araras, Boyrá, Santa Esmeralda, Canto do Bambú and others). 

The passenger should be waiting at the scheduled place 00h15min beforehand. It is a regular service, which means it is shared with other people, thus the time table should be considered as "from onwards", being your responsability to be at the front desk at the scheduled time, and depending on the amount of people, hotels and traffic conditions, delays of up to 20 minutes may occur.

If the tour is interdicted because of bad weather conditions, the transportation service is not linked to the tour, that means, the transportation went to the agreed place, only the value of the tour will be refunded.

We are not responsible for forgotten items in vehicles or tours.

HIGH SEASON, EVENTS, LONG HOLIDAYS AND SPECIAL DAYS: The timetable may be changed due to traffic conditions and it should be respected.

  • Applies only to the above mentioned transportations.
  • Each transportation pack is individual and non-refundable.
  • Departure and return times are set and may vary according to the location of your hotel.
  • Reservations must be made beforehand.
  • You can use the service for up to 03 days starting from the first scheduled transportation.
  • General courtesy: Children ages 0 to 4 .
  • The To and From is regular and shared with other people.
  • Rescheduling without fees, up to 15 hours beforehand (respecting the operating hours). Otherwise an additional fee will be charged.