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Duration: 06 days and 05 nights.


Accommodation with breakfast included: 5 nights in your chosen hotel in apartment with air, tv, minibar.

Shared/regular transport: CGR Airport / hotel in Bonito / CGR Airport.

Activities with shared transportation and accompaniment of a Mtur accredited guide: Lago Azul cave, Parque das Cachoeiras trail, Nascente Azul snorkeling, Boat Trip on Rio Formoso, Boa Constrictor Project, Day use in Paraguay.

Lunch (drinks not included) included on the tours: Parque das Cachoeiras, Nascente Azul.

Equipment included in the sorkeling tours: Mask, Snorkel, Neoprene Clothing and Boot, Life jacket.

Differentials: 01 eco trip kit + 01 days of underwater camera rental + Welcome Dinner at Casa do João

Below the package schedule:

1º day - Destination Bonito - Presentation at Campo Grande airport, reception by the Bonito Way team and shared transfer to Bonito with a scheduled duration of 3h40m. Arrival in Bonito, accommodation and free afternoon. Dinner in Casa do João at night.

2º day - Lago Azul cave and Raft on Rio Formoso - After breakfast, exit for the tour of the Lago Azul Cave. After walking a trail and descending a staircase, you can see the famous Lago Azul, more than 80 meters deep. Because of its beauty and fragility, the cave area has been transformed into a conservation unit, thus ensuring its protection. Important place of difficult access, stone stairways, tour without bath, lasting 1h20. After that, we leave for Estancia Araça for the raft ride in Rio Formoso, made in rubber boats for up to 12 people, in a 6 km route through the Rio Formoso, passing through 2 rapids and 3 waterfalls. On the banks of the river you can see monkeys, birds and even sucuris, which in winter come out of the water and wrap themselves in the trunks of the trees.

3º day - Parque das Cachoeiras trail - Departure to the Parque das Cachoeiras, farm lunch, lunch with dishes and regional sweets served on the wood stove, and adventure trail in the riparian forest of the Mimoso river, habitat of several wild animals. Several waterfalls with crystal clear water, reels, small caves, suspended walkways, lookouts and natural swimming pools to freshen up. At night, visit to the Boa Constrictor Project.

4º day - Shopping in Paraguay - Departure to Paraguay, an amazing day! See the culture and enjoy the local commerce! Return to Bonito at the end of the day.

5º day - Nascente Azul snorkeling - Departure to the Nascente Azul, beginning with a walk on a trail that leads to the source, and snorkeling in extremely crystalline waters, where you can see a great diversity of multicolored fish and aquatic plants. Return to the headquarters of the farm for lunch in front of the Lago da Capela with regional dishes and sweets.

6º day - Bonito/Airport Check out of the hotels in the pre-scheduled time to the airport of Campo Grande. Shared transfer with estimated duration of 3h40m.

What to take with you: Sunscreen, repellent, hat or cap, sunglasses, swimwear, sneakers, papete sandals, comfortable clothes, camera, and a mid-season warm coat, for the night which is usually cold around 15 degrees. Our guides will guide the visitors in what to use beforehand on each day of tour. Both the order and the availability of the tours are subject to change without prior notice, depending on climatic or operational variations, or for a better experience.


Lago Azul Cave

The symbol of the city, the Lago Azul cave is simply a must-see in Bonito!

Waterfalls Park

Renew your energies on the Mimoso River and its beautiful waterfalls!

Nascente azul snorkeling + Aqualokko fun

The snorkeling tours become unforgettable, swimming in crystal clear waters and watching the underwater life is one of the best experiences you can take for life.

Formoso River Raft Ride

06 km of adventure and natural beauties on the Formoso river!

Boa Constrictor Project

A fun lecture and in the end... so? You dare taking a picture with a snake?

Day use in Paraguai

Enjoy your trip and visit Pedro Juan Cabalhero in Paraguai!

CHANGES: Changes will be accepted only 72 hours in advance, noting that any changes requested by the customer will be subject to cancellation policies and availability.

EMBRATUR CANCELLATION RULES Regulatory Deliberation nº 161/95 Embratur Cancellation means the cancellation of the trip and/or contracted services as well as changes of dates, expressed in writing, by letter, fax or e-mail. The cancellation rules will be applied according to the following percentages on the total value of the package (consider business days): 

30 days or more before the Check-in = 30% 

29 to 21 days before Check-in = 60% 

20 to 07 days before Check-in = 60% 

06 days or less = 100% (Retention for administrative costs).

No-show: Non-attendance on the expected date of arrival without prior written communication will be considered a no-show. 

The vacancy will remain available for 24 hours, from the time of the scheduled arrival.

After this period the reservation will be canceled (with retention of 100% of the amount paid), making the vacancy available to another interested party. THERE WILL BE NO REIMBURSEMENT.

Withdrawal after the check-in: The withdrawal, as well as the early departure for any reason SHALL NOT GIVE RIGHT TO ANY TYPE OF REFUND, REIMBURSEMENT OR CREDIT ON ANOTHER HOTEL, resulting in the total loss of the amount paid for the package or day.


The schedule of the tours must be strictly followed, because there is a daily limit of visitors in each tour and the visits are by appointment.

In case of delay, you must be aware you might miss the tour without reimbursement; Cancellations will be accepted only if the tour is interdicted.

In case of heavy rains, which compromise the quality and safety of the trip, the tour may be canceled or interrupted.

Local time in Mato Grosso do Sul is 1 hour behind Brasilia; Welcome dinner (drinks not included) at Casa do João: Essential Combo - Main course: small traíra for 02 people (with rice, gravy and salad), special gift for Bonito Way clients: 2 Casa do João key rings Regular/Shared transfer: The transfer has predetermined schedules and is shared with other people.

It can be done in car ride, doblo (or similar), Van, micro or bus.

Lago Azul Cave - Duration: half-day due to the transport, approximately 01:40.

Parque das Cachoeiras - Duration: half-day, approximately 2 hours of tour (from the reception of the equipment, transport to the beginning of the trail and return).

Rio Formoso Raft Ride- Porto da Ilha tour not included.

Duration: half-day due to the transport and the stay in the main area. Approximately 2 hours of tour (from the reception of the equipment, boarding the rafts and return)...

Nascente Azul - Duration: half-day due to the transport, approximately 2 hours of tour, but if you prefer you can stay the rest of the day at the main area of the attractive which has a crystal clear lake, zipline, waterfall etc. People over 120 kg must bring their own neoprene clothes, as our clothes may not fit.

Beard and Mustache: It is advisable to go on the ride shaved, because some types and sizes of beards and mustaches can disrupt the mask seal on the face and impair your enjoyment of the tour; Day use in Paraguay: Visit to Shopping China included (without lunch).

Check the quotas and authorized value for purchases. We are not responsible for possible inspections and seizure of unauthorized products or products that extrapolate the maximum quota.

Restrictions: children under 05 years of age and people with impaired mobility, pregnant women only with medical authorization. Visitors should report health problems (diabetes, hypoglycemia, high or low blood pressure, severe allergies, respiratory, heart and blood problems) to the guide and reception, who will inform the best way to carry out the tour; When necessary, visitors must carry their own medicines.

Prohibited: use of tripods; During the tour (from the start to the return) it is not permitted to drink alcohol, smoke and snack;

Accessibility:Route adaptations and increased support requirements for visitors must be requested and planned in advance. We do not have accessibility structures in the receptive and route of the tour


Both the order and the availability of the tours are subject to change without prior notice, depending on climatic or operational variations, or for a better experience.