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What to do in Bonito when it rains

Oh my God, what if rains on my trip?
Don't worry, in Bonito there are more than 30 tours and many options for any weather.

Specially in the summer raining become more frequent. Although they make waterfalls fuller and everything greener, sometimes they can interefere with a few tours.

They usually go away fast and the sun shines again soon, but in heavy rain days some tours are interdicted to guarantee the safety of its visitors. Only in these cancellation situations the money is refunded, or, if possible, the tour is rescheduled for another day.

If your tour is cancelled, here are a few options of what to do if it is raining.

São Miguel Cave

It does not matter if the sky is falling apart, the São Miguel cave will be protected from the rain and the tour has a great infrastructure to welcome visitors. Enjoy the inside of this cave with its stalagmites and stalactites sculpted years ago by nature in a guided visit.


São Matheus Cave

This cave will also be protected from the rain, but its access is a bit more complicated if there is heavy rain. In this tour there is a lookout point and the Kadiwéu Museum which tells some of the story of the city's founding.


Taboa Fábrica de Encantos

This is a great option for nighttime or rainy days. Besides visiting the Taboa Bar, you can also make a tour by the Taboa factory, the most famous sugarcane liquor of the region. History, information about the process of mixing the beverage and the decoration of the bottle are showed during the visit. During the tour there are two workshops: clay artwork and taboa straw. The tour ends with the tasting of 09 varieties of the Taboa liquor and a visit to the shop, where you can purchase exclusive bottles of the liquor.


Boa Constrictor Project

Every night the knowledgeable Henrique presents his stand up about snakes! The project is an environmental education project, offering information about non venomous snakes. He tells many stories and demystyfies the fear many people have, alerting about the unnecessary killings of these animals that unbalance the ecosystem. At the end you can take pictures holding a snake!



If there is no lighting these tours can be made with rain.


Spring snorkeling

Although the sun is not shining, rain does not interfere as much in these snorkeling tours because the water stays calm in the springs, and its clarity remains. Thus the wonderful underwater world can be witnessed.


Aquário Natural


Nascente do Rio Sucuri


Nascente Azul


ATV Rides

For those who like emotion the ATV ride becomes even more enjoyable under the rain, almost a rally! It happens on trails amidst nature in individual ATVs accompanied by an instructor, keeping a contemplative and calm pace, or it is also possible to watch birds and other wild animals.


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