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The weather in Bonito

In Bonito it's hot and sunny most of the year! There is no ideal time for visiting, but each period has its characteristics, which can help or disrupt certain tours.

The climate of the region is tropical, with average annual temperature of 25º C and periods of flood (summer) and drought (winter).
The between spring and summer it is very hot and humid, with high temperatures by day and night and sparse rains that intensify mainly between December and March and increase the volume of water of the rivers, making the waterfalls more full and the vegetation more green.
In the autumn and winter, most days are usually hot and dry, and at night the temperature drops to around 15º C and can reach up to 5º C on colder days, usually between May and August. The rivers get cleaner and the visibility of the water is incredible, being a great time to dive and snorkel.
So be sure to bring clothes for the winter cold and a light sweater during the rest of the year.

 The temperature of the water does not vary much according to the time of year because the rivers are near the springs and the running waters. It is usually between 18 and 23 degrees depending on the place, so at any time of the year you will wear neoprene clothes on the snorkeling and diving tours. Only in the waterfalls you will need more courage to get in!

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