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The Legends and Mysteries surrounding Bonito - MS and its region

Maybe you have heard about some legends of the Brazilian national folklore, such as saci-pererê, pink boto, curupira or mule-without-head, correct? But what about the legends and mysteries of the region of Bonito or Mato Grosso do Sul, have you heard about them?

Glossaries and dictionaries define folklore as a set of beliefs, customs, legends, proverbs or artistic manifestations that are popular in a region and preserved by the people through tradition and history.

To celebrate today's date (August 22), Folklore Day, we have some fantastic stories and myths from some regional legends that will make you even more enchanted by the region of Bonito, take a look!



This legend of the city of Bonito tells the story of an old friar who in the 1930s preached religious and spiritual teachings in the region. The old man was a mute, and he blessed, healed and cared for the region.

During his pilgrimages to the region, he built several wooden crosses that he left where he passed. It is believed this Sinhozinho was responsible for holding a huge giant snake in a large hole in one of the local hills, marking this feat with one of his crosses.

They say that if the cross is discovered and withdrawn, the serpent will be released again and may devour all the inhabitants of the area if people are not taking good care of nature.

Sinhozinho disappeared without a trace, but the crosses he left behind and the chapel he built are still visited today by the population of the region. Also, every October 12th, processions take place at the Sinhozinho Chapel - located near the Mimoso River, followed by thousands people.


The Buraco das Araras (Macaw's Hole), located in the municipality of Jardim - Mato Grosso do Sul, is also an attraction that draws attention to its mysteries and legends. With its 100 meters of depth and 500 meters of circumference this incredible and paradisiac doline, besides thousands of macaws, has many stories that attract the attention of any tourist!

Many speculations surround this immense hole located in the middle of the Bodoquena Mountain. Some say it is a meteorite that has fallen into the region thousands of years ago, forming the site.

Others believe that a large UFO has fallen on the spot, and that the Brazilian military and government hide information and documents about the site as top secret. The Brazilian Army also went there to study the place, where they found many human bones and also car remains.

Studies show that the formation of the hole began about 10 million years ago, although the dolina was formed 200 thousand years ago ...

And you, do you have any hints as to how the huge Hole might have been formed?


A long time ago, in the region of the Serra da Bodoquena, lived a wonderful indigenous Terena tribe, which among many values and traditions, also worshiped love.

And it is from love that begins the whole legend of the 700 Moons...

Cacai, a young and beautiful Terena Indian, belonged to a tribe located near the Lago Azul Cave, but warriors of all tribes had heard of her and her charms. The young cacique of that tribe decided that the time had come to find a mate. He chose Cacai. Following tradition, he invited her to the pact of the 700 moons.

The groom and the bride made a deal that for 700 moons they would meet to get to know each other better and then decide about the nuptials. The decision was sovereign and free as it was for all terenas (man or woman).

The ritual was performed inside the Lago Azul Cave, where the magic words only the old terenas knew were spoken. That decision was the most important thing in a terena's life. There could be no mistake. The union was indissoluble, not even death would separate them. They believed in the existence of an immortal soul.
The time was passing while Cacai met with the young chief of the tribe, as was the custom of these people, but the "god of fate," which puts the feelings in the hearts of the people, had other plans for Cacai.
One day, a foreign warrior was taken prisoner by that tribe. His skin was clear and he had a sparkle in his eyes that Cacai had never seen before. His brown hair had white locks revealing that this strong, agile warrior was almost an old man. Cacai took care of his wounds, taught him her tongue, conquered his soul and ... discovered that he was the true love of her life.

When the 700 moons passed, Cacai's reply was that she would not marry the chief of the tribe. He, discontented and enraged, forced the performance of the ritual, contrary to the sacred terena tradition.
The pact was carried out and, to Cacai's despair, the magic words were uttered. There was no hope for Cacai and her beloved. Any woman who broke the sacred oath had her heart pierced by a terena arrow. Cacai knew this, but she also knew that she owed obedience to the supreme value of love. She bowed to him.
That same day they fled in a canoe, down the the Formoso River.
The cacique gathered his warriors and ... the curse was fulfilled. The blood of Cacai and her beloved turned the water of Formoso ever cleaner and then last drop was shed. All the river and even its affluents became as crystal clear as the heart of Cacai had been.
In those days when it seems that the wind has stopped and only a slight breeze penetrates the solitude and the flower of the ipê becomes more colorful. When the shady water of the Lake turns bluer and becomes merry with a solitary bird that comes to refresh its feathers and court the perfume of a Cacai that our eyes do not see, but that is there. On such a special day, when the Poet comes to gather, in a song, what others harvest in the fields. In those days you can hear the love whispers of Cacai and his immortal beloved.
They say that their love is in the bottom of the cave, in the rivers, waterfalls and transparent waters that surround the region ...

(Unknown author)



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