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Flutuaçao no Rio Sucuri

How are the snorkeling tours in Bonito?

The snorkeling tours are the main highlight of the Brazilian capital of ecotourism, it is one of the best destinations in Brazil and in the world to have this kind of experience. The waters in the region of the Serra da Bodoquena are extremely clear, there are several river sources and an enchanting underwater life, filled with colorful fish and plants.

The tours are located in farms throughout the region, with distances ranging from 6 to 60 km, which have an infrastructure super prepared to welcome tourists who want to have this incredible experience in contact with nature. Besides enjoying the snorkeling, the tours offer delicious lunches (optional) and spaces in the main areas to unwind from the day to day life and feel in full contact with nature with total calm and convenience. Some have natural pools, lakes, other have hammocks and even optional tours like horse riding, birdwatching, bike rides, among others.

One day of snorkeling tour is certainly going to be unforgettable and revigorating, everyone returns surprised with the experience.


And how is the tour?

At your arrival the monitors will send you to join the group in your timeslot, put on the equipments and listen to the guidelines. You should wear bathing suits underneath, and in almost every tour there is a storage space to leave your belongings (or you can leave them in the car), because to go down the river you can take only your camera with you.

Gears on, the guide will take the group to the hiking trail through the woods to the beginning of the tour. In this part you will hear explanations about the local fauna and flora and with some luck, see a few animals.

Before the snorkeling begins a quick training is performed to adapt everyone to the equipment, some in a swimming pool, others in the deck of the river itself.

After all this is done it is time to get into the river and be carried by the current to watch the incredible underwater life. The tours take from 2 to 4 hours, from arrival to end, the shortest ones last 50 minutes in the water, and the longest 2 hours.


Do I need to know how to swim?

You don't need to know how to swim, but being familiar with water helps. You will be guided and there will be a tourist guide during the whole tour, also, the life jacket plus the clothing give you 100% buoyancy. There are options with more calm or more extreme snorkeling tours for those who are more adventurous, all depends on your disposition.


Do I need to have the equipment?

No, the tours offer everything included. At any time of the year it is used a neoprene clothing, besides the life jacket, mascara, snorkel and shoes.


A few guidelines!

Tours like these in Bonito aim for an harmonious interaction beween tourist and nature, with the less possible amount of environmental impact. As such, it is important to take into consideration a few guidelines to enjoy this privilege responsibly. Do not use sunscreen and repellent to get into the rivers, avoid touching the tree trunks, rocks or plants through the way in order to not alter anything, do not step the river bottom to avoid stirring sediments, and do not flap your feet while snorkeling. Be mindful of the guide's orientations!


Snorkeling options

Each tour has its characteristics and strong points, one is very different from the other. If you ave enough days in Bonito, it is worth it to try more than one.

There are 4 source snorkeling tours. The Aquário Natural is very close to the city and has a huge number of fish, it is recommended to those who want a calm tour, specially for those with children and elders. The Nascente Azul has an incredibly beautiful source, turquoise in color, where you can also apnea dive. It is also a short and calm tour. The Rio Sucuri is a little bit larger and longer and has the clearest water in Brazil, an impressive visibility, and also a support boat in case of anyone is tired or just want to see the river from above. The Rio da Prata is the longest with the biggest quantity and variety of fish, adventure and intense contact with nature.

Besides the river springs, it is also possible to snorkel in the Lagoa Misteriosa, where you don't go down a river but enjoy the magic sceney of a crystal clear deep lake surrounded by rock walls and woods. The snorkeling at Bonito Aventura, Parque Ecológico and Praia da Figueira are performed in the Formoso River, which means the water is a bit more green and restless, with a more adventuorus path. And the Barra do Sucuri is also in the Sucuri River, there is no spring but it is the same clear water.

Then, are you ready to snorkel? Contact our travel agents for more information and find the tour that will fit you the best!


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