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Bonito MS for the Third Age

The tourism in Bonito is unique. Here we have a sustainable tourism which caters to many tastes, ages and preferences. There are those who can't pass up an extreme adventure and those who prefer lighter options, and even those who choose Bonito to rest, unwind and see the nature.

For these and other reasons, Bonito/MS is an incredible destination for those on the third age.The nature and the clear waters provide for a revitalizing and pacific environment. You can spend the day in one of the balnearies by the rivers that are like a natural spa, tour around the lighter hikes and waterfalls, enjoy some contemplation and birdwatching, or even face the adventure of raft riding, which is very safe and calm.

Rest and peacefulness

In Bonito/MS and its region, there are countless options for resting and enjoying nature with peace. The Balneário do Sol, for instance, offers a free day by the Formoso River with beautiful waterfalls adding to the scenery. The birds and monkeys that live there are another attraction.

You can also choose to swim in the river side by side with Piraputanga, Curimba and Dourado fish and also in the delightful pools of running water.

The tour also has all the structure for you to have a perfect day, including hammocks, bar, restaurant and snackbar, bathrooms, courts, children's playground and kiosks.

A bit of adventure

A bit of adventure can also be a good option. A light trek through the riparian forest of the Formoso River, at the Estância Mimosa, contemplating clear water waterfalls, going through little caves, suspended walkways, lookout points and even with some breaks fr bathing in natural pools mix peace with a bit of adventure. Oh, and a delicious farm lunch, with regional dishes and sweets served in the wood oven, is waiting for you to recharge your batteries.

Peace and Contemplation

You can't talk about Bonito/MS without mentioning peace and contemplation. The region itself is an attraction that invites us to relax and totally connect with nature and with ourselves. And to admire the beautiful landscapes, a visit to the famous Lago Azul Cave, followed by snorkeling on the source of the Sucuri River will show you all kinds of beauty, inside and outside the water.

Every tour in Bonito/MS is made with the presence of an accredited guide and have an infrastructure to offer you peace and safety in your experience.


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