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The atmosphere is charming, in a quiet and charming place, well worth the visit to have a nice meal. The chef Magda Moraes, responsible for the restaurant, excells in the flavors and creativity. It has the concept that values the quality of the meals with the use of ingredients produced locally, respecting the traditional methods of cultivation and minimizing the use of industrialized products. On the menu there are ingredients well known in the region, such as the aipim, the guariroba, as well as fish dishes.

Welcome Romantic Dinner

A special atmosphere for an unforgettable experience: Outdoors table, with flowers and a special touch for the couple Welcome: Tapioca squares with melé taré Starter: Festive salad (green leaves, smoked turkey breast, pineapple, grape, apple, a bit of mayonnaise, parsley and casserole) Main course: Risotto of linguicinha and cabbage on the knife Dessert: Romeo and Juliet Pie Beverages: Mineral water, Sparkling Night Brut or Demi sec (1 bottle), espresso

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Aipim Essential

Aipim Hamburguer + mexican paleta

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Special Aipim

Comitiva Pasta + Doce de leite Petit gateau and bocaiúva crispies with ice cream

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Sensational Aipim

Welcome: Hungerkiller (homemade bread, basil pesto, tomato, butter) Main course: Pintado with passion fruit sauce with coconut rice Dessert: Nha Benta (doce de leite, cachaça meringue, dark chocolate, guavira spice)

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Unforgettable Aipim

Pacu without bones stuffed with banana farofa and roasted on the banana leaf Side dishes: White rice, gravy Dessert: Brazilian pits (seasoned fruit jams with cream cheese)

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Honeymoon Special Dinner

A special ambiance for an unforgettable experience: Outdoors table, with flowers and a special touch for the couple. Welcome: Hungerkiller (homemade bread, butter, basil pesto, tomato). Starter: Green salad, roasted laminated pumpkin in olive oil, parmesan and Brazil nuts) Main course: Pintado with passion fruit and coconut rice Dessert: Nha benta (doce de leite, cachaça meringue, dark chocolate, guavira spice) Beverages: Night Sparkling Brut or Demi sec (1 bottle), Espresso

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CHANGES: Changes will be accepted only 72 hours in advance, noting that any changes requested by the customer will be subject to cancellation policies and availability.

EMBRATUR CANCELLATION RULES Regulatory Deliberation nº 161/95 Embratur Cancellation means the cancellation of the trip and/or contracted services as well as changes of dates, expressed in writing, by letter, fax or e-mail. The cancellation rules will be applied according to the following percentages on the total value of the package (consider business days): 

30 days or more before the Check-in = 30% 

29 to 21 days before Check-in = 60% 

20 to 07 days before Check-in = 60% 

06 days or less = 100% (Retention for administrative costs).

No-show: Non-attendance on the expected date of arrival without prior written communication will be considered a no-show. 

The vacancy will remain available for 24 hours, from the time of the scheduled arrival.

After this period the reservation will be canceled (with retention of 100% of the amount paid), making the vacancy available to another interested party. THERE WILL BE NO REIMBURSEMENT.

Withdrawal after the check-in: The withdrawal, as well as the early departure for any reason SHALL NOT GIVE RIGHT TO ANY TYPE OF REFUND, REIMBURSEMENT OR CREDIT ON ANOTHER HOTEL, resulting in the total loss of the amount paid for the package or day.


After the purchase we make a reservation at the stablishment on the requested day.
If the restaurant does not operate on the scheduled day, the reservation will be re-scheduled to another date according to availability.
Drinks, starters, desserts and other products consumed in the place that are not specified in the aforementioned products, must be paid by the customer at the end of the meal, through the individual system of the house.
Bonito Way performs the intermediation of the reservation, any dissatisfaction as to the taste, presentation of food and service, etc. must be informed and resolved directly in the establishment.